How to determine which hydroponic system is suitable for you?

Hydroponics is no more a new word. Many homemakers, as well as newbie farmers, are aware of the concept and its winning advantages over soil-based farming. Home hydroponics system has been trendsetting among people who live in flats as they could turn their little spaces into green lushes. But, they might struggle to determine which home hydroponics system works best for them. If you are contemplating this, consider the following takeaways from the experts

Before entering into home hydroponics

As you know, hydroponics is a broad cultivation method and there are many types available. You can also set up your hydroponic system outdoor as well as indoor. So, after determining the type of hydroponic cultivation, how will you determine outdoor or indoor works best for you? Several points need to be considered before choosing a hydroponic setup.

We are living in India where we experience mild weather conditions and depending on the palace you live in, you can decide. Other than that, the following points need your attention. Besides, both indoor and outdoor setups have their own pros and cons. 

Plant density

Plant density is higher when you opt for an indoor setup. It said that it provides triple plant density compared to outdoor farming. This is because outdoor farming utilizes a flatbed rather than a vertical setup. 


Plants get enough sunlight in the outdoor setup. If you plan to grow an indoor home hydroponic system, you need to provide adequate lighting. This requires cost and you need to measure the intensity for optimal plant growth.


It is not all about light, you also need to cool plants and heat if required in our home hydroponic system. On the other hand, outdoor setup needs less power supply compared to indoor farming. After all, you only need to carefully pump water along with nutrients. 

Fresh food

Plants exhibit more growth, health when you pluck from indoor setup compared to outdoor. Outdoor plants are not sealed or insulated, so prone to infection unless there is frequent monitoring. 


Setting up a greenhouse or controlled agricultural environment is costly compared to modifying an indoor space into a hydroponics garden. 

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