The Harvest BOX of Freshness

Harvested and Delivered on the Same Day

We strictly follow a set of safe and sustainable farming practice to bring you the fresh and safe veggies from our local farms nearby your locality.
We are passionate about Eco-friendly and sustainable farming which brings out pesticide free, chemical free veggies to you with love!


When you subscribe with us

You are helping a local farmer
You are saying NO to pesticides
You help reduce CO2 emission
You eat highly nutritious food
You buy veggies that saves 80% water
You eat veggies of the same day of harvest
Let This Be Your First Step To A Healthy Life

Our Harvest Box

How does it Work?

  • Monthly membership
  • You get 4 boxes every month
  • Each box will have 1 kg veggies

What is in my Box?

  • Palak
  • Kale
  • Chinese cabbage
  • Mint

How much?

  • 1600 INR/month

Nutritious greens served fresh at your home

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  • Call us now: +91 9745206600

Do you care for your health?

If so, eat the safe food