Which food is nutritious enriched, soil-grown or hydroponics?

Farming more nutritious food through agricultural technologies has become the norm for many decades. As a result, many have been experimenting with technologies like hydroponics farm or polyhouse farming. Hydroponics have haters and supporters. The haters are the persons who have little knowledge about the new way of farming. Their biggest question is about the nutrient quality of food crops from a hydroponics farm? The traditional farming advocators still believe soil-grown crops are far better and the best when it comes to nutrient enrichment. Is that true?

What is the truth behind nutritious food crops?

A hydroponics farm is a set-up where food crops are grown using a scientific approach. Here, a nutrient-laden solution is used to provide comprehensive nutrients to each type of plant. Dangerous and highly effective pesticides or chemicals have no role when it comes to hydroponics farming. Tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and eggplants are some of the most famous food crops planted in hydroponics farm. 

Nutrient quality depends on three factors
Nutrient solution provided to the plant

Nutrients provided to plants in both methods are the same. But, hydroponic plants tend to absorb nutrient solutions in a better manner compared to soil-based farming. 

Post-harvest nutrient loss

Plants lose nutrients as soon as they are cut from the plant. When it comes to soil farming, the post-harvest loss is high. Hydroponically grown food wins here as most of the farms are in cities.  

Additional components present in the food

Harmful repellants and pesticides are mainly used by farmers in soil farming. On the other hand, hydroponics grows food crops without soil and hence there is no need to use soil-based pesticides. 

It is estimated that the global population is lacking nutrients from the food they intake. Their food daily needs do not quench their need for nutrients. So, taking advantage of the newest innovations for crop improvement is not new. In our health-conscious world, a hydroponics farm provides hope to have safe, fresh and less hazardous food on our table. nutritional value and plant quality are far greater compared to soil-grown food crops. 

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