Why urban farming acquiring is momentum?

Urbanization and hectic lifestyle of people forcing themselves to try out novel ways of achieving food security. For example, COVID -19 pandemic and unexpected climate change taught people they cannot always rely on food crops from soil-based farming. Urban farming of various kinds like terrace farming is gaining momentum. It is obvious that the food produced has a great market and many are determined to make a living out of it.  

Who can benefit from it?

Literally everyone! But, farmers, young entrepreneurs, startups and ardent farming lovers can especially benefit from terrace farming as well as other kinds of urban farming. They can make hefty profits from setting up urban farming as the demand for locally produced food is ever increasing like never before. People are cautious about what they consume on a daily basis and would love to buy pesticide-free food locally. You can charge a higher price and consistently provide food for the local community considering their tastes. Food security is the problem that needs to be addressed immediately and innovative urban farming is regarded as a viable solution.  You can easily earn as much as money you want with hydroponics. 

Hydroponics: A way to urban terrace farming

Urban farming is available in many kinds and almost all spaces can be converted to indoor farming using hydroponic cultivation facilities. An industrial place, unused lands, unused or old factories or storeys can be used to set up a hydroponics farm So, it is economical and needs fewer resources. You can even set up terrace farming along with indoor farming to get more yields in a stipulated time. 

Winning benefits for those who practice urban farming
Fewer resources

Water, space and other resources can be saved by opting for hydroponics. 

Small space more yields

Hydroponics system allows you to have more yields from a confined space compared to soil farming. Plants exhibit fast growth and are more healthy. 

Viable for all seasons

You are growing crops indoors in a controlled agricultural set up not outdoor. SO, the weather and availability of light or water do not affect your production. As long as you have the right system, you will earn money.

About us 

Elagreens is a top provider of terrace farming in Kochi that provides the best resources for setting up a hydroponics farm both for home growers as well as commercial entrepreneurs. We are adept at new trends in hydroponics and knowledgeable enough to help you commence your urban farming. We strive to deliver the best solutions for a diverse clientele. 

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