What do you prefer growing in soil or soilless farming and why?

The question above might have aroused different opinions in you. It is true that every one of us is accustomed to soil farming because we know this kind of farming from our childhood. In our home, we tend to cultivate all kinds of plants and vegetables using traditional farming methods. So considering what is the best growing method depends on your knowledge about the other and considerable benefits it can bring over soil farming. Farming hydroponics is an emerging method to grow vegetables without soil.

Soil farming

Most home growers will know the tactics to grow food using soil farming and they might argue its myriad benefits. But, it is farming methods that often bring a lot of difficulties. 

When you plant in the soil it can have the following demerits:

  • Inadequate mineral so slow growth 
  • Need to use any pesticides or chemicals
  • Ailments caused by fungus in the soil 
  • Pests affecting plant roots and leaves
  • Productivity depends on a multitude of factors

Apart from these, one has less time to care and nurture these plants as everyone leads juggle between work and life. So, this is where farming hydroponics becomes a practical solution. 

Farming hydroponics: Easy way to soilless farming

Farming hydroponics is one of the ways to cultivate vegetables and fruits without soil. It uses a nutrient-laden solution and depending on the plant type a media for root growth. Since it uses water and growing medium there will be neither harmful pests nor fungal diseases. Taking care of plants also becomes easy, tidy and less time-consuming compared to traditional farming. 

Hydroponics can bring the following benefits:

  • Faster plant growth
  • 3x growth compared to soil farming
  • More cleanliness and tidy environment 
  • No need to use any fertilizer or pesticides
  • No fungal diseases
  • Less pace more yields

So, in a nutshell, hydroponics farming outshines traditional farming in terms of yield, convenience and effort. It is the perfect solution for setting up a family garden. Some might argue that setting up a hydroponics farm is costly and larger plant cultivation is smoother in soil farming. Based on your unique requirements and volume of farming, you can select the best method to grow your own vegetables or plants. 

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