How to select the best media for hydroponics system?

Hydroponics is acquiring attention from everyone despite commercial and home growers. The pandemic and lingering food security problems are forcing the majority to think differently with regard to crop cultivation. It is not easy to find the balance in innovative farming practices using hydroponics. Before entering into the world of hydroponics systems, one has to clearly understand the basics. Only then, the desired yield can be achieved. 

Criteria for selecting a medium

The thing is different hydroponics methods such as wick, drip, nutrient film technique, Ebb and flow,  water culture and aeroponics require different kinds of media for rooting. So, before selecting an appropriate media for growing vegetables in your hydroponics system, you have to consider your hydroponics method. The rooting medium indeed can influence the growth and survival of plants.

Generally, plants grew tallest in vermiculite. Charcoal and gravel exhibit intermediate growth. 

Different types of media
Crushed or weathered charcoal

Activated or crushed charcoal is said to be the best support for plants. It results in a decrement in carbon dioxide in nutrient-laden solutions while promoting plant growth. As a result, there will be an exponential increase in the dry weight of plants. 

Hydroton or clay balls

Both deep water culture and drip culture support clay ball. It is readily available media for your hydroponics system. Grow bags as well as the dutch bucket system work best for hydroton. 


Perlite is a medium that is preferred by all soilless farming technologies including hydroponics system. It usually floats and has a good amount of water.


Coconut coir is widely accepted as a growing medium as it can last up to 6 months. After that, you can again use it after sterilization. 

Oasis cube

Oasis cubes re particualrly used to grow seedlings for various types rather than farming. It is not a comprehensive growing medium

Jiffy bags

Jiffy bags are a great medium for growing vegetables as it expands to 7x height as soon as there is water. Cocopeat and fine netted clothes make it an ideal choice for fruits and eggplants. However, it is a plush option compared to others. 

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