Is indoor vertical garden contributes to the reinvention of farming?

The global population is affluent and growing in a great number and many countries are rethinking their farming practices to feed the ever-growing population around the world. We have been growing vegetables using the soil method for centuries. But, now farmers are desperately trying to embrace new ways of farming. Among them, the indoor vertical garden has got much importance.

Vertical farming

With the help of vertical farming, farmers are yielding more than they could in traditional farming. Indoor vertical garden reinvents the entire agriculture practices owing to its myriad advantages over others. Vertical farming is all about growing food crops indoors with artificial lighting and other resources. It is found to be helpful where agriculture expansion is out of the question in a traditional manner due to land scarcity. 

You can absolutely make any space into an indoor vertical garden such as sunny fields, greenhouses or even in dark green warehouses or storeys. The new fad is building crops in warehouses by using resources rather than sunlight. 

The benefits of vertical farming
Specialised growth structure

Specialised growth structure considers the species of crop and its seedlings. Here, the lighting, nutrients and other factors are tailored to the specific type. Plants will get the required nutrition and light throughout the cycle

More yields per a square meter

Vertical farming as the name suggests grows crops vertically. So, it allows more yields per square meter that are unimaginable from soil farming. 

Fewer resources

Fewer resources are required to set up an indoor vertical garden. Plants grow healthier, faster using less water and nutrients.


All year round, anywhere you can create your own vertical farm. You can grow any vegetables, shrubs and herbs.

The urgency of food production persuades farmers to try out innovative farming including indoor vertical garden. It is regarded as the best way of cultivating foods with regard to climate change and rising food insecurity. According to BBC reports, 80% of food produced will be consumed by city dwellers by 2050. The urban population need to feed and hydroponics vertical farming can be

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