Why is everyone praising hydroponics over soil farming?

Home hydroponics is a novel method of growing food at home using a small hydroponics kit or in controlled agricultural environments. The system contains artificial lighting, a growing medium and nutrient water solution instead of soil to grow plants. Greens, spinach, tomatoes and lettuce are some of the best plants to grow hydroponically. 

Winning advantages

Soil free cultivation

 Soilless farming attracts many to try hydroponics methodology. They will not get dirt on their hands while also getting faster growth. There are two types of systems: Active systems and passive systems

No need to wait for sunlight

You can grow food in your indoors without depending on sunlight. Artificial lighting is provided to ensure photosynthesis and controlled lighting accelerates plant growth. 

Fast growth

Typically, hydroponics offers triple growth in a stipulated time. You can reap fresh food that has good nutrient intake and root growth. 

Few pesticides required

Soil free farming in hydroponics assures there will be less illness. Besides, you need not use pesticides as insects cannot penetrate the system and harm plants.

No space guidelines

You can grow many plants in a constrained space if you are opting for hydroponics. The nutrient-laden solution provides nutrients for plant growth and they grow steadily. 

365 days yield

Around all year you can cultivate crops and the location and the size of the farm can be adjusted. You can either opt for hydroponics kits to place them on staircases, countertops or tabletop or use a greenhouse on your balcony. 

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