Why is a hydroponic system considered sustainable farming?

The earth and its natural resources like water become scarce due to our excessive intervention in nature. Sustainability is the practice to be followed, farming has no exception. Large-scale traditional farming is replaced with a large-scale hydroponics system. 

Large scale Hydroponic system 

Food producing technologies are evolving and sustainable large-scale farming has got prominence all over the world. As the name suggests, it is all about growing vegetables and other plants in water rather than soil in a controlled agricultural environment Aromatic plants, medicinal plants, fruits, vegetables, and greens can be cultivated using hydroponics.  The characteristics of a commercial hydroponics system are as follows:

  • Hydroponic technology
  • Nutrient solution
  • Substrates 
  • Controlled agricultural environment

The hydroponic system in Kochi provides these inescapable components for starting your commercial farming.

 Commercial yet sustainable farming

The hydroponic system in Kochi is growing at a rapid rate as many switch up from traditional farming just because of its advantages and sustainable features.

  • More yields

It is especially bliss in commercial hydroponics farming. With less resources such as water and nutrient-laden solution, you can reap triple from crops. Besides, crops will grow at rocket speed taking half of the time that of soil farming.

  • Goodbye to chemical pesticides

Hydroponic farming use water and so there are no fungal diseases for plants. So, no need to opt for pesticides. 100% environmentally friendly farming also you can sell organic crops of high quality at fair prices.  

  • Farming for future

Climate change, soil degradation, water scarcity and food security are some of the major problems faced by the world. Commercial hydroponics could contribute to addressing these problems to an extent. It never needs soil and consumes less water compared to traditional farming. And the water needs to be changed every three weeks unless it is exposed to extreme weather. 

Current practices of commercial hydroponics farming is a more sustainable way of urban farming. Unlike soilless farming, it needs less water and other resources for producing high-quality crops. Inexperienced people with an affinity for farming business can definitely try their luck in setting up a hydroponic farm. 

About us 

Elagreens is a hydroponic system provider in Kerala for large-scale farm units. We are an adept team who can provide full-fledged support for setting up your hydroponics unit the way you envision it to be. Being a hydroponic system provider in Kerala, we lend hands to set up your commercial hydroponic farming. 

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