What are the variants of hydroponics farming systems?

Hydroponics is a relatively new method of farming discovered by scientists like Aquaponics. It has got so many varieties according to its medium and the type of farming method. Without using soil, you can grow many food crops in a hydroponics farm. The advantages of growing food crops over traditional growing methods are known to the world. The advantages cover expedited plant growth, control of nutritional values, controlled growing environment and easy correction of deficiencies. 

Hydroponics at a glance

A hydroponics farm is fundamentally very different from a soil farm. It never utilizes soil but uses a nutrient-laden solution to grow plants and other food crops. It uses less water and always need a controlled environment. It is identified that plants need 17 important minerals and all these minerals are provided through soluble water.

The various types of plants can be produced using the hydroponics farm method. Some soil plants need some medium like Perlite to anchor roots. There are two types of hydroponics; medium culture and solution culture. Tomatoes, peppers, fruits, herbs and tropical plants can be grown in Hydroponics. The inhospitable climate is not an issue in hydroponics. 

Types of hydroponics 

Wick System

You can set up a simple hydroponics farm using the Wick system. It has no moving parts and the nutrient-laden solution is stored in the reservoir. It is possible to use any mediums like perlite, rock wool for anchoring roots.  Wick system is a simple and inexpensive hydroponics variant.

Water Culture System

The water culture system is an active hydroponics variant that uses nutrient-laden solutions without any rooting mediums.  Faster growth can be achieved using the system.

Ebb and Flow system

The drip system is also known as an active recovery type system. Using a pump, the nutrient solution reaches towards the roots of the plants and again flow downwards after the cycle. You can use this system for long-term plants using various growing mediums. 

Drip System

The drip system is the only hydroponic system prominent in the world. It can be used as a passive or active hydroponics system. The recovery system uses nutrient solutions in an effective manner. Here, excess solution is reused. 

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