Want to make your workspace greener? Go for a hydroponic grow kit.

Next-generation farming has so much in store for us. The new technologies are innovating the way of farming among adults and children alike.  Every small, medium-sized or large scale businesses give importance to the feel they give to their prospects. And a result, many offices both indoor and outdoor have become green using the simple hydroponic grow kit. It is easy to set up and install purchased from a quality vendor. We have the best hydroponic growing solutions of different sizes and for all plant types.

Hydroponics is all about growing plants without soil. It makes use of a nutrient solution for plant growth alongside a growth medium like coconut fiber. Setting up a large garden using hydroponic technology is an emerging trend. The majority of the vegetables including leafy are produced employing soilless culture. But, what about us creating a green effect in tiny spaces of your office? That is where a hydroponic grow kit helps you. 

Hydroponic grow kit is an inbuilt version of Hydroponics farming that can be used anywhere in office spaces for a green effect. There are many sizes and types available in the market and choosing them depends upon a number of characteristics like the number of plants, plant type. It is notable that certain plants prefer certain growing systems and exhibit growth accordingly. Likewise, the parameters like PH level in nutrient water, room temperature and the quality of artificial light.

Hydroponics in the room has certain parameters such as PH level in nutrient water, room temperature, the brightness of the artificial light. A hydroponic grow kit makes use of less water as compared to soil growing as well as produce great yields within a considerable amount of time. It is indeed worth implementing hydroponics in your work life; not only it refresh your mind but provide an eco-friendly look for prospects. 

Why choose us

The installation and setup of a hydroponic grow kit are safe in the hands of our experts. We have long years of experience in building and installing indoor hydroponic units. Our team can lend you a hand in furnishing your office with greenery. Each kit comes with seeds, an air pump, nutrient solution, and net cups. It is designed to meet all your needs. 

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