Vertical hydroponic system; See how it can contribute to the urban lifestyle

The popularity and the interest in a vertical hydroponic system are seen everywhere, especially the interest to go eco-friendlier is part of millennials. Growing farm-fresh and organic vegetables are now feasible and easier with a hydroponic system. No need to indulge in soil and every little space can be used for cultivation. 

Vertical farming using Hydroponics

Your desire to cultivate crops blooms by adopting hydroponics. It is cost-effective, uses fewer resources, and absolutely soil-free. The high demand for this is part of lifestyle change. You follow hectic day juggling in work and life and there is a lack of land and skillset. Therefore, hydroponics perfectly fit urban life. The vertical hydroponic system is a type of farming that makes use of vertically stacked layers. Usually based on CEA (controlled environment agriculture). Like other hydroponics farming, it also uses a liquid nutrient solution like vermiculite. 

As we have seen, nurturing plants through hydroponics is all about the right care. It is simple yet unavoidable. Your crops and leafy vegetables require enough light and nutrient solutions alongside other attributes in a balanced fashion. We are adept at building vertical farming and can maintain the system the way it intended to be for great yields.

The design and basic build of the system of a vertical hydroponic system depend upon the type of crop and your requisites. Hydroponics cultivate crops using water and you can pick a variety of vegetables including leafy. Moreover, the system can be adapted to outdoor and indoor. 

The setup of a vertical hydroponic system is numerous. One of the best advantages is you can grow as much as in a little space. It provides great yields from a small amount of space. Then, using recirculation of water, you can water more plants than traditional farming. They are easy to build and affordable, our vertical hydroponic solutions are effective and make use of high-end technology.

Why choose Elagreens 

Urban life is what we all prefer and continue to explore whether at work or home. Yet, the yearning for fresh vegetables and passion for farming must find a way. A vertical Hydroponic system is the best to implement in your home or office. They are affordable and flourish when maintained and installed correctly. With our expertise and industry knowledge, it is possible to harvest veggies all days. We help in installation and maintenance. 

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