The scope of commercial hydroponics farm

The crux of the agricultural industry is to maintain a rising level of food grain production. Nowadays, many environmental factors are a hindrance to producing yields from traditional soil farming. New farming technologies are emerging and many young farmers are embracing hydroponic farm for cultivation.

The scope of  hydroponics farm 

In hydroponics, all plants are cultivated using a controlled agricultural environment. Humidity, pH solution, minerals, temperature, light intensity, duration and other environmental factors need to be controlled. Besides, you can grow plants in two ways. 

  • Solution culture
  • Medium culture

Solution culture makes use of the nutrient-laden solution for growing plants whereas the latter has a solid medium for growing roots like vermiculite, rock wool or sand.

Growing crops in traditional farming are complex but produce yields if executed in the right manner. The expected production potential is sure when you know its basics and sophisticated know-how. Therefore, Before entering into a commercial hydroponics farm it is important to be vigilant about certain aspects of it. 

  • Site Selection

The site selected for farming must have enough lighting in order to reap more yields from your greenhouse. It must be free from insects and vectors otherwise there will be viral diseases. 

  • Water and energy

As you know the energy sources are of many kinds and choice depends upon your circumstances.  Electricity is the most sought after option and it must be conserved within the greenhouse. Likewise, the quality of water is also a factor. Dissolved chemical minerals in the water might be harmful to crops. Therefore, you must check the water you use is free from fluoride, boron, sulphates, chloride and pH level.  

  • Selection of growing system

This also depends on your selection of crops and the availability of growing mediums. Whatever method you choose, it is good to remember that mineral nutrition must be preserved within the system. 

  • Pest control

Integrated pest management requires the identification of diseases and prevention control practices.  

Hydroponics is expanded as a successful growing technology having winning benefits over conventional farming. Farming is almost possible anywhere and high yields are guaranteed. 

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