New to Hydroponic growing? Watch out for these points.

When it comes to growing plants in a Hydroponics system, it is all about great care. Maximum yield is what you would accept by setting up a growing system from a hydroponics company. You might have purchased hydroponics equipment for growing veggies and leafy vegetables on the balcony or tabletop. Being a newbie, to reap great yields you need to take care of these points without fail.

1. Ensure there is an adequate quantity of light for plant growth

Plants need light for healthy growth and you have to provide artificial light. The light you provide must be sufficient for the space provided. You can check with the hydroponics company and assure the electricity accordingly. 

2. A great quantity of Carbon Dioxide is necessary for photosynthesis

As you know, Carbon Dioxide is a necessary element for plant growth and it has a prominent place in photosynthesis. It is your duty to ensure plants get adequate CO2. First of all, make sure proper ventilation. Moreover, you can talk or sing to plants as it helps in CO2 intake. 

3. Set up your garden on a clean surface and avoid any spills

The hydroponic company provides the requisites to set up the indoor garden and it is up to you to decide where to place it. Hydroponic technology makes use of soilless farming and you must water the plants in regular intervals. So, it is advisable to remove any carpets from the floor to avoid spills.  Using a drip loop helps a lot as it collects as much moisture also hindering flow back to the outlet. 

4. Gardening is all about passion, not a chore

This ancient wisdom helps to nurture your hydroponics garden in the most effective way. Take few minutes every day to look after plants and see what is happening to them. Such considerate monitoring helps to reap more from your garden. 

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Being a hydroponics company in India, Elagreens has a rich history of creating green spaces in homes and offices. We are a group of young engineers who are also garden enthusiasts and want to provide a robust lifestyle for tomorrow. Our experts can provide relentless support for your hydroponics garden whether outdoor or indoor. We also deliver pest management and automation support for a great harvest. Hydroponics company in India is expanding its services realizing the need to have a healthy lifestyle. 

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