Is soilless agriculture the best farming method for future generations?

The world is facing scarcity in terms of natural resources for farming as well as the population is increasing. So, many are opting to use modern farming technologies like hydroponics for large scale food production in order to feed the world population. Besides, soilless agriculture practices such as hydroponics and aquaponics have the potential to generate high yield per unit area; that too with limited resources such as water, light, space and no soil. 

Setting up a hydroponic farm is the new normal for urban as well as suburban areas. People see it as a viable and reliable food production method. As they can produce farm-fresh, free pesticide-free crops and get hefty profit from it. A controlled agricultural environment or greenhouse is used to produce food crops. 

We may think soilless agriculture is a modern way of farming but actually, it dates back to centuries as Egyptians used container-grown plants. Soil farming is prevalent everywhere and soilless farming can be applied all year round and anywhere. You can easily embrace hydroponics farm and reap the following benefits of  soilless farming:

  • Faster growth – Optimised growth can be achieved in terms of high yield and faster growth.
  • Lower requirement of water and other nutrients – Compared to soil farming, hydroponic farm requires less water and fewer nutrients. Here, plants need not fetch nutrients from the soil as everything will be provided in a water-soluble solution.
  • Location 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Less space

Growing plants without soil are feasible, effective and less time-consuming by setting up a hydroponics farm. Moreover, you need not rely on natural resources too much and can pick yield all year round. Using typical hydroponic methods are the best when it comes to reaping the benefits of soilless farming. Types of hydroponic systems are Deep water culture, nutrient film technique, flow and drain system and drip system. 

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