Is commercial hydroponics a way to sustainable farming?

Food equity and healthier food supply are the topics of today’s world as many see the need for more food along with the global rise in population. Gone are the days people work in soil and cultivate food for the world. Now, young entrepreneurs embrace hydroponics to grow foods. In urban areas, the scope for the indoor hydroponic system is regarded as a sustainable farming method as it uses fewer resources compared to conventional farming. 

The importance of  indoor hydroponics system

The indoor hydroponic system has been becoming popular as a way of cultivating food for its sustainable features. It also provides great yields compared to soil farming. 

The approaches to hydroponic farming are of many kinds. The major difference lies in its methodology. But they all produce fresh vegetables and fruits without soil. Regular exposure to water, nutrients and light ensures plant growth. Some may use growing mediums like perlite or coco coir. 

The five core elements of hydroponics farming are:

  • Freshwater
  • Root support
  • Minerals and nutrients
  • Light
  • Oxygen

The relevance of hydroponics lies in its capacity to produce yields in a faster manner. Using vertical hydroponics, you can expect triple-time faster growth and dense food crops all year round despite the climate. In the light of sustainability, it uses fewer resources in terms of space, water, and nutrients.  Hydroponically cultivated foods are also free from pesticides. Pesticide-free food is good for people and at the same time benefits our environment. 

In a nutshell, a commercial indoor hydroponic system is indeed a way towards sustainable farming considering these advantages.

  • 90% less water use compared to conventional farming
  • Minimal carbon footprint
  • Yields more vegetables and herbs

The selection of healthy plants ensures high yields to the farmer. You can grow many varieties of vegetables. Eggplants, leafy vegetables, and fruits using hydroponics. It is important to select quality seeds or seedlings for cultivation unless all efforts become unfruitful. Food security is a long-term concern for urban areas. Small and large commercial hydroponic farms are helping to harvest more food in a sustainable and accessible manner. With specific knowledge about the technology, anyone can begin their hydroponics farming venture.

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