How vegetable cultivation in Polyhouse improve crop performance

Commercial hydroponics is getting popular day by day. Organic and fresh vegetables have great demand as more people are cautious about their health and well-being. They are ready to spend more money on fresh vegetables and appreciate farmers for their effort. So, Polyhouse is used by entrepreneurs as well as young hydroponic farmers to produce a voluminous quantity of crops in a short period. 

Polyhouse and vegetables

Cultivation of crops in a controlled environment like a Polyhouse is very important if you want to cultivate more vegetables of high quality and freshness. 

A controlled agricultural environment improves crop performance using the following parameters. A better understanding and analysis of each variable is a must-have to get desired crop performance. The only thing is to understand the CEA variables and apply them to your commercial hydroponics venture.

Controlled Environment Agriculture variables


Temperature control is also necessary to get optimum plant growth. It can directly affect the growth structure, so great care must be taken to adjust the temperature in an indoor setup. First, you can record the plant response to temperature and increase it accordingly. 

Relative humidity

Humidity is good as water for plants. But, too much humidity in the cloud can affect pollination as well as trigger fungal growth in plants. It can also adversely affect nutrient intake. Likewise, very low humidity can also stress leaves and stomata. 


Carbon dioxide is a molecule that accelerates plant growth. The Polyhouse generally needs CO2 of approximately 400ppm. The enrichment of CO2 also stimulates plant growth considerably. You can set the level of carbon dioxide as per a specific plant. 


The crops must get enough light for steady growth. The light intensity in plants can be measured in different ways so as to ensure they have enough light for photosynthesis. PAR is a scientific approach to measure the light particles in a fraction of a second. If your crops have enough light, you will have good production. 

In short, it is essential to set up a controlled agricultural environment considering the above CEA variables. So, you will witness good production and thus profit. 

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