How does COVID-19 impact the way hydroponics farming is viewed?

Hydroponics was once considered a technological solution for farming that is employed by high tech farmers in urban areas. But things are changing for the good as many home growers, as well as commercial farmers, are realizing its full potential due to the devastating outbreak of a global pandemic, the COVID-19. Experts opinioned that majority of the global food needs can be fulfilled using hydroponics farming

The COVID-19 and outlook on precision farming

The COVID-19 lashed the global population unexpectedly and continue to hit all industries with its severe lashes. More than ever, food security is a major concern that affects the population no matter where they live. The pandemic also taught common people the need for self-reliance as many shops were closed due to panic buying, Not only that, people see the need to nurture themselves using farm-fresh food. All these points can be achieved by employing sustainable and precision farming methodologies. Hydroponics farming is the best to seek for.

However, many traditional farmers or young aspiring farmers might overlook the initial cost of setting up a traditional farm. But, the good news is that they can gain more ROI from great yields. First of all, they can sell all food crops at a premium rate because of their quality and secondly, they will get yield all year round.  Home growers as well as commercial farmers can select the best vegetables and fruits to grow in their hydroponics farming. 

With the help of innovative hydroponics solutions, farmers can easily grow their own food crops according to their convenience. It offers the following advantages:

  • You only need fewer resources
  • You can manage the farm with fewer human resources
  • Not dependent on climatic variations as crops are grown in CEA environment
  • Soil-borne diseases are rare and hence no need for pesticides
  • Great ROI can be achieved by selecting seasonal and demanding food crops among your community
  • Fast and triple time growth using nutrient-laden solutions

Market Dynamics and devastating pandemic effects are teaching us the importance of using new farming technologies for a sustainable tomorrow. Hydroponics advantages are outnumbering its challenges. So, if you are serious about reaping monetary as well as product quality benefits, you can instinctively choose hydroponics. 

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