Are there any challenges in hydroponics farming?

People are realizing farming hydroponics as the need of the hour despite it being a new technology in public eyes. The reasons are many such as the lack of natural resources and undefinable climate changes. Young entrepreneurs and newbie farmers are switching up to soil less farming. However, you may find themselves amidst certain challenges. But the good news is that every challenge has got their solutions. With right care and technical knowledge, you can reap more yields from farming hydroponics. 

Farming hydroponics dominates the food sector owing to its winning advantages over traditional farming. It is beneficial in these following ways:

  • Extremely easy and clean farming 
  • Consistently reliable yields
  • High yields
  • Healthiest and organic crops
  • No chance for soil insect pest and weed infestation
  • Efficient nutrient regulation
  • Higher density planting

The major challenges in Farming hydroponics in Kerala

One of the greatest challenges farmers face is the lack of technical knowledge. It is a system that needs constant human intervention. Therefore, specific technical knowledge is necessary. The pruning, ventilation, temperature, nutrient solution and other factors must be incorporated in the required manner. It is especially true for commercial scale. The second one is its high initial investment despite the benefits. It is an agronomic technology for growing plants and needs a well built setup, called a controlled agriculture environment. Thirdly, it  requires a lot of energy, usually electricity. Proper lighting is necessary for optimal plant growth making it a splash affair. Lastly, the care is inescapable in hydroponics. 

How can you make hydroponics more yielding?

The above challenges of hydroponics should not prevent you entering into it. It is a widely used farming technique all over the world. Being an entrepreneur, you can learn about hydroponics thoroughly and commence your business and great care at regular intervals assure you healthy, fast growing plants. Though, it require high initial investment, you can earn hefty profit from farming considering these factors

  • High density of plants
  • High yields
  • Organic crops
  • Fast growth

The money spent on energy and setting up the farm proves to be worth it with great profit.  

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